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What is Delta Health Direct?

It’s an easy way to connect with UnitedHealthcare nurses, wellness coaches and benefits & claims advocates to get answers to your health-related questions and support as you work to live your healthiest life.

Is Delta Health Direct the same as a nurse line?

You can call for all the same reasons you’d call a nurse line and more. Along with discussing symptoms and treatment options, you can also connect with a wellness coach, join condition- or goal-specific programs, and get answers to your benefits questions.

When can I call Delta Health Direct?

Call anytime. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why should I call Delta Health Direct?

I just received a new diagnosis...

  • My doctor gave me so much information I’m confused. I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.
  • I walked away with more questions than answers.
  • Is there a specialist I should see for my condition? If so, can you help me find one?
  • Should I be getting any more tests?
  • Will my treatments be covered?
  • How much is all this going to cost me?

I haven’t been feeling well all day...

  • Is it worth going to my doctor or urgent care, or will they just tell me to get some rest?
  • It’s 3am and my child has a 103-degree fever. Do I need to go in?
  • Is feeling bad related to my diet or lack of exercise?
  • Where can I get less expensive care than the ER when my doctor’s office is closed?

I can’t keep all these medications straight...

  • I’m not sure I remember everything my doctor said. When should I take these medications?
  • Do all these medications work together OK? And are they the best ones for me?

I want to get healthier, but where should I start?

  • Am I due for any preventive care, such as a cholesterol test or cancer screening?
  • I’d like to start exercising. How can I create a plan I’ll actually stick with?
  • I’m so busy, but I want to eat better. How can I make quick, healthy meals the whole family will like?
  • What’s the best treatment for back pain, and are there good exercises?
  • How can I quit smoking and get nicotine replacement tools?

I’m working hard to keep my kids healthy...

  • Are there less expensive alternatives to the ER when my doctor’s office is closed?
  • Is this medication safe and appropriate for my child?
  • Are my kids up to date on their immunizations?

I’m doing my best to live well with a health condition...

  • What options do I have for treatment?
  • Should I see a specialist? If so, can you help me find one?
  • What are some helpful resources I can use to learn more?

I just received a bill, and I could use a little help figuring it out...

  • What options for treatment does my plan cover?
  • What portion of the bill am I responsible for?
  • Can you help me figure out if this cost should have been approved?
Why is Delta Health Direct calling me?

Delta Health Direct nurses and wellness coaches may call you for a number of reasons. You may have received a recent diagnosis or have been hospitalized, or maybe you have a biometric result, like blood pressure or cholesterol, that is not within the healthy range. The Delta Health Direct team of nurses, wellness coaches and other specialists has many resources available to support you with your health condition or help you make the necessary changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Do I have to participate in a Delta Health Direct program?

No. While there are many programs that are available to assist you with health concerns or conditions, your participation is voluntary. Just remember, you may earn Delta Health Rewards by participating in some Delta Health Direct programs, such as a wellness course or the Quit Tobacco program. For more information, visit the Delta Health Rewards site located on DeltaNet/Employee Connection.

Will I talk to a real live person?

Yes! Call Delta Health Direct to speak with a UnitedHealthcare nurse dedicated to Delta plan participants, a trained wellness coach, or even a benefits & claim advocate. Your nurse can even connect you to a certified dietitian, a pharmacist or any other advocate who can help address your question.

Does it cost anything to call?

No, Delta Health Direct is available at no additional cost as part of your health care benefits.

Who can use Delta Health Direct?

It’s available to all employees and their dependents who are enrolled in a company medical option administered by UnitedHealthcare.

Will the company find out what we discussed?

Your personal health information will be kept private in accordance with your plan’s privacy policy.

Do I have to enroll in a program?

No. While there are programs available, such as Maternity Support and Quit Tobacco, you’re not obligated to join. You can call just once—or as often as you’d like.

What if I’m already seeing a doctor?

That’s great! Delta Health Direct may help you understand his or her recommendations and adhere to prescribed treatments.

Are similar services available online?

Yes, you can visit to learn more about health conditions and treatments, enroll in health- and wellness-related programs, and take a health assessment. You can also track your weight, exercise, what you eat and more.