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Click to watch Kamau’s story regarding his weight loss.

After struggling with excess weight and associated health issues, Kamau contacted Delta Health Direct. With hard work and support from his family, he lost over 65 pounds.

Click to watch Debbie’s story about her cancer diagnosis.

When Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned to Delta Health Direct for the help she needed to get the care she deserved. 

Click to watch Cheryl’s recovery from a car accident.

After Cheryl experienced a near-fatal car accident, the hospital decided to release her—without finding a nearby care facility. Her husband called Delta Health Direct.

Click to watch Tim’s story of dealing with sciatica.

A longtime sufferer of sciatica, Tim called Delta Health Direct when the condition became debilitating.

Click to watch how Dave managed multiple medical conditions and prescription drugs.

Struggling multiple medical conditions and an expensive prescription drug, Dave discovered that Delta Health Direct could help.

Click to watch Bob’s message of the importance of early detection.

Bob sheds light on the importance of early detection and challenges all men to take their health seriously.

Click to watch Jerri’s story of a life-threatening misdiagnosis.

Misdiagnosed with a life-threatening condition for over two years, Jerri turned to a Delta Health Direct nurse, who knew that something just wasn’t right.

Click to watch how Delta Health Direct can help you keep health and wellness a top priority.

In a world where your health and wellness is top priority and you need someone you can call anytime, 24/7, Delta Health Direct is there.

Click to learn more about cancer prevention in this cancer education series.

Understanding your health better is our goal. Learn more about cancer prevention in this new Cancer Education Series from Delta Health Direct.